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Фло мунье extreme metal drumming торрент - стражи галактики guardians of the galaxy 2014 3 d через торрент

Mar 5, 2017 . When your true passion is death metal but you have to pay rent. edit: This might also fit in /r/unscriptedvideo, though the drummer Intense Metal Drumming II. George Kollias has become known as an international authority on extreme metal drumming, and this DVD is a must-have for anyone. FLO MOUNIER'S EXTREME METAL DRUMMING 101 2 DVD SET Flo Mounier is known around the world for his incomparable way of playing extreme metal.

Hannes Grossmann - Extreme Metal Drumming. 1460 likes · 3 talking about this. Being the drummer for seminal metal bands OBSCURA, BLOTTED SCIENCE. George Kollias' "Intense Metal Drumming" DVD is the best display of precision speed drumming in existence. He has a sharing soul and his approach is simple.

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